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What is Disability Insurance?

Individual Disability insurance protects you from the possible loss of income. Generally, the longer you wait to apply, the more expensive coverage becomes and the likelyhood of qualifying also decreases.

Disability insurance helps protect your income if you become disabled and cannot work. We have a wide ranging portfolio, with products and solutions available for full-time, part-time or home-based workers. We will work hard to find you is the perfect solution whether you are a professional, business owner, business executive or any other employed Canadian.

Why do I need Disability Insurance?

An individual disability insurance plan can help you meet your income requirements after suffering a long term disability or help you concentrate on recovering and returning to an active life.

Whether you need to secure your main source of income or supplement the coverage you receive from your employer or an association, we can help by providing a comprehensive and portable plan you can rely on throughout your working years.

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Insurance Glossary

Defined Contribution Pension Plan: A plan where contributions by employees and the employer are fixed and the benefits depend on the contributions and their earnings.

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